Space Bunny #1

Space Bunny is a bunny. A bunny in space. And they’re looking for salad. When their mission takes them to the darkest corner of the universe, Space Bunny ends up stranded on a mysterious alien planet and far from any signs of civilization. Now the plucky space explorer must learn to survive ferocious aliens, conquer dangerous environments, and escape from Planet Zero before they run out of salad.

Join Space Bunny in their first ever galactic adventure in this brand-new ongoing series filled with wacky characters and zany situations. Featuring four connected stories of Space Bunny’s first days on the mysterious Planet Zero.


“Space Bunny is the perfect all-ages comic. Markk JC’s art brings the right amount of cuteness and character to Santiago’s words, and together they produce a sci-fi story that will take readers through space (and maybe even time?) on a journey of laughs and exploration.”
– Kylar Merrell, Foreign Press Comics