Hero Booster

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Hero Booster
Writer: Victor Santiago
Artist: Markk JC
Pages: 28
Publication Date: June 4, 2024
Trim: 5.4 x 8.4

Danger Force. Cyber Silva. Electric Detective. You’ve never heard of these heroes before, but there’s no time for origin stories when the fate of the multiverse is at stake. An interdimensional being known only as The Collector has gathered eight of the greatest heroes from across the world to take on a great evil that seeks to destroy the universe and replace it with a room full of books. There will be robots, aliens, danger, and more – but the heroes of Earth can handle it!

Hero Booster is a one-shot comic book featuring a large cast of goofy superheroes, cartoony action, and colorful worlds. Jump right in to the action and check out the epic crossover made just for fans of Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and more!

Praise for Space Bunny

"Hero Booster has the heart with everything you love about tokusatsu! Markk and Victor have crafted a fun, charming world.”
– Lan Pitts, Beast Heart Strikers