Sapphire & Moonstone

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Writer: Victor Santiago
Artist: Markk JC
Pages: 24
Publication Date: June 3, 2023
Trim: 5.9 x 8.4

All Lucy ever wanted was to work in her hotdog truck. But that changed the day she gained the power to control ice and fire. Now, she fights crime as Sapphire, the Earth’s newest hero. Monty, a member of Galactic Star Force, has always been ready to defend his home. When evil strikes, he wields an unbreakable sword that allows him to turn into smoke as the hero Moonstone.

Sapphire & Moonstone features two super stories. First, in their secret origin, our heroes meet for the first time and save a dog park from an evil space alien. Then, our heroes learn to chill out when the food court is attacked by the Vacuum King. But no matter what the universe throws at them, Sapphire & Moonstone can never be defeated.

Praise for Space Bunny

"Food service and super heroics! What a tasty combination! SAPPHIRE & MOONSTONE is packed with fun characters and bright, cartoony art that’s a meal for the eyes!”
– Joey Weiser, Dragon Racer & Ghost Hog

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